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Is it possible to run Coupled-Fluid-DEM modeling with the current version of YADE?


Hi everyone. I am searching for an open source code for doing
Coupled-Fluid-DEM simulations to study
the undrained behavior of granular in Triaxial Test, mainly the pore
pressure generation.
May I ask if it is possible with the current version of Yade? I have seen
that many of the members of Yade community are currently working on coupled
problems, and some of them use ideas like coupling the code with some other
CFD codes, but dont know if any of these works gave acceptable results?
May I be of help if I can be a part of the development group, doing a
contribution to the current state of the coupled codes if they have not
finished yet?

Best regards,
B. Ferdowsi
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Amirkabir University of Technology(Tehran Polytechnics)
Tehran, Iran.