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Re: How do I create a tunnel/slope?


Thank you everyone for the replies!  I will look into each suggestion.  Sorry, I'm still new to YADE, and have not yet tried python. 


Varclav: Thanks for the Module Pack. But I don't know how to use it.  Do I need to copy the codes and create a file for it?  Which directory to store it?  Presumably, all i need to type in the python Terminal when I run the simulation is the command line to call the function?

Anton: Thank you for your reminder.  It will be useful.


Bruno: I was trying to delete the bodies in CPP and the simulation couldn't start.  Thank you for telling me.  After saving, I will get a XML file.  Are you suggesting me to load it using Python's terminal?  To delete them in python, how do I do it? 


Another question: can someone give me an example of how to use python for YADE, when the simulation is running?
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