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Re: How do I create a tunnel/slope?


> Vaclav, thank you for the quick response.  When I am in python's
> terminal, I managed to get into the directory by using
> os.chdir('home/booncw/yade-0.20-2/scripts/').  But when I type "python
> simple-scene.py".  It gives me an error, saying that '-' is an
> incorrect symbol.  And, when I am in the /yade0.20-2 directory, i
> tried typing "$cd examples/scripts", it said $ is an incorrect
> symbol.   Please help me.
Go read some unix _basics_ first (no offense), like working with
command-line, there is bunch of resources out there, e.g.
http://linuxcommand.org/ ; the "$" was not meant to be typed, but to
represent shell prompt (command line in terminal). If you want to get
serious, read at least http://docs.python.org/tutorial/index.html as well.

Open a terminal (not yade terminal) and type:

yade-0.20 /home/booncw/yade-0.20-2/scripts/test/gts-horse.py

Note that you don't run python directly, you _have to_ run yade on that
file (I assume you have yade-0.20 properly installed).