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Re: R: Re: Contact detection


my conclusion: speed is not the only key point.

I don't buy this, if that means: we don't have to care about speed. For
research, flexibility is good, but if it is at the cost of significantly
lower speed when doing simulations, than something's wrong.

The complex art of finding the good compromise...
I remember a few years ago when I was thinking about optimizing the code a little bit (e.g. by replacing dynamic_casts by static_), I felt like nobody was concerned about it. I'm glad to see it is a high priority now! :)

I'm sure keeping speed in mind should influence ANY stage of the development. But still, Luc's statement was true to : speed is not the ONLY key point.

Another key point, not always mentionned here, is the complexity of the code for end-users. Currently in 3Sr, I estimate the average time of students to be able to understand Yade's code between 6 and 12 months, which is a lot (they are not experienced with c++ when they come - that counts to).

I know how Yade compare with pfc on that point (pfc is not that easy to use, and has a crap command langage called "fish", but still easier than Yade). I don't know how it compares with esys and Lamms, but they were invented - not here - by very smart guys, so they are probably way more complex. ;)



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