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Re: R: Re: Contact detection


> After it is difficult to say if SDEC was slower or faster than Yade, I 
> tried to make comparisons but it was on different computers, so it is 
> not very meaningful! Please keep in mind that SDEC and Yade are made 
> with different objectives. It was not very easy in SDEC to make 
> modifications without change the core of the code, whereas evolutions 
> and complementary packages can be easly introduced in Yade, 

I didn't suggest to compare yade agains SDEC, but to compare yade
against pfc3d and esys-particle (for instance), using a well-defined
benchmark: a funnel with 10k,100k,1M particles for something that moves
and perhaps isotropic compression for a more-or-less static simulation.

> everybody  can take advantage of developments made by others.

Oh, really. I keep rewriting bad code all the time :-|

> my conclusion: speed is not the only key point.

I don't buy this, if that means: we don't have to care about speed. For
research, flexibility is good, but if it is at the cost of significantly
lower speed when doing simulations, than something's wrong.

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