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Re: clumps


Hi (Vaclav)!

I heavily edited the NewtonDampedLaw in order to integrate a new
rotation algo in the framework. Seems it works , but, please, review it.
NewtonDampedLaw have a flag accRigidBodyRot (false default).
If it is true, when the new algo  is used for a clumps rotation (and can
be used for rotation of a non spheral standalone bodies; see code, you
will see). If it is false (default), when the old algo is used.
Rotate cundallDamp can not be used with the new algo because the algo
does not use the angular accel. Any comments?

Best regards,

Sergei Dorofeenko,
Cand. Phys.-Mat. Sci.

Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics,
Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia.

e-mail: dorofeenko@xxxxxxxxx

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