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Logging & Debug



I noticed the thread by Bruno asking about logging, and Anton's crash problem.  Logging seems to be a key method of debugging.

I've added a logging.conf file under my main folder called Branch2 (printscreen attached) .  I modified the bottom few lines so that it matches exactly to Bruno's:

> >> # except for the classes where requested:
> >> log4j.logger.yade.Omega=DEBUG
> >> log4j.logger.yade.TriaxialCompressionEngine=INFO
> >> log4j.logger.yade.TriaxialStressController=INFO

Q1. When running the Triaxial Test, what should I expect from what I've done?  I don't know what I'm expected to see.   

Q2. To observe the outcome of TRVAR3(currentContactGeometry->penetrationDepth,de1->se3.position,de2->se3.position), I will have to include the following??
> >> log4j.logger.yade.ElasticContactLaw=DEBUG
Where will I see the output by the loggers?


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