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Re: Logging & Debug


>From https://www.yade-dem.org/sphinx/prog.html#logging :

> "... is added by log4cxx and is completely configurable, either
> programatically, or by using file ~/.yade-$SUFFIX/logging.conf, which
> is loaded at startup, if present (FIXME: see more etc user’s guide)"

It is not yet documented fomr user's perspective, but: you need the
logging.conf file in ~/.yade-$SUFFIX (e.g. ~/.yade-trunk/logging.conf)
[BTW I assume you know ~ means you home directory and files starting
with '.' are "hidden" in unices; google that out if you don't].

> Q1. When running the Triaxial Test, what should I expect from what
> I've done?  I don't know what I'm expected to see.   

Logging is per-engine; TriaxialTest just generates the simulation, but
it is TriaxialCompressionEngine and TriaxialStressController that really
do things.

Try it from Python first (see the referenced page). Output goes to
stderr by default (ConsoleAppender), for the rest have a look at log4cxx

> Q2. To observe the outcome of
> TRVAR3(currentContactGeometry->penetrationDepth,de1->se3.position,de2->se3.position), I will have to include the following??
>    log4j.logger.yade.ElasticContactLaw=DEBUG
No, TRVAR3 uses the TRACE level (again, see the manual). You can just
set it at the beginning of your python script (I found this to be a lot
more flexible than the config file, for myself). And you have to compile
with debugging enabled, of course.

HTH, Vaclav

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