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Re: Uniform distribution


Change the doc if you feel this is more appropriate, though for me
lexically fuzz==dispersion...
The dispersion of something usually refers to a measure of the distance to the center of a distribution. "/radius/ of dispersion" is a common expression, "diameter of dispersion" is not, experimental errors are given as +/- error, and variance and stdDev in maths are clearly distances to the mean.
I updated the documentation.

 (the old name, stDev, was actually not
meaninfgul, it wasn't "standard deviation" at all).
Agreed. "Dispersion" is better than sdtDev, but still not perfect. The dispersion of particles is usually measured as a standard deviation...

In the future, we should provide way to pass distribution object to
makeCloud (uniform, normal, weibull), there seems to be demand for it



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