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Re: Elastic energy


> heat from friction should proportional to the total path that has
> slipped. A simplest way to track that is to just keep track of how
> long distance [m] everything has slipped, and use some conversion
> from distance to energy, due to friction. Eg. calculate the work: W=F*x.
I see.

> Better stay with energy than go to heat & temperature, because if you
> decided to go into thermodynamics, you will add a work worth of a
> second PhD to what you are already doing. Heat transfer, specific
> heat capacity, phase changes (a molten sphere?) and all that stuff.
My current studies are already involved with thermodynamics which is why I
asked you more about that. Physical properties of lunar soil can be modified
by the effect of high temperature fluctuations. But I am not planning to
include directly this feature, only if time allows.

> It appears that plasticDissipation() counter is almost what you need
> here - the simpler (non thermodynamic) approach which I mentioned
> above. I didn't know about it - when did you add this? (time to
> rediscover yade for me ;).

Thanks Janek for explanation! And thanks Bruno for remind me I should set to
True the bool traceEnergy ;) I did it. But I do not understand the results.
You can also reproduce them setting traceEnergy=True in the script I
attached in this thread. Please just see the attached plot. The code of
plasticDissipation() I am sure it is correct. There is sliding as expected
in fact. But what is wrong now?
Thanks for any suggestion.

> best regards
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