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Re: QGLViewer


> yes, I want to look at this today. But I'm afraid of another
> problem: that qt4 will insist on running in the main thread, which
> will block python.

It wwould be (I had thought) the issue with qt3 as well, but it works
just fine, and qt4 it I think more flexible. I think there are only 2
things we need to handle in c++: the 3d viewer and the serialization.
The rest can be (perhaps) written in PyQt. But who knows...

If your approach does not work, the attributes->widgets could be also
written in python, though it would be tricky to know that c++ type an
attribute is (if it is [] in python, is it a vector<string> or
vector<Real> or something else?). It would be possible fairly easily
only to enhance runtime data somehow to know that, though.

So don't spend too much time on that, if it is too compliacted.

Cheers, v.

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