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Re: QGLViewer


Václav Šmilauer said:     (by the date of Sun, 11 Jul 2010 15:33:30 +0200)

> > yes, I want to look at this today. But I'm afraid of another
> > problem: that qt4 will insist on running in the main thread, which
> > will block python.
> It wwould be (I had thought) the issue with qt3 as well, but it works
> just fine, and qt4 it I think more flexible. I think there are only 2
> things we need to handle in c++: the 3d viewer and the serialization.
> The rest can be (perhaps) written in PyQt. But who knows...
> If your approach does not work, the attributes->widgets could be also
> written in python, though it would be tricky to know that c++ type an
> attribute is (if it is [] in python, is it a vector<string> or
> vector<Real> or something else?). It would be possible fairly easily
> only to enhance runtime data somehow to know that, though.
> So don't spend too much time on that, if it is too compliacted.

by "that" you mean getting to run my old example?

Fortunately I managed to do that in last 4 hours. Works as before.
But still lots to be done, see yade-dev

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