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Re: PSD triaxial


by better I mean: there is no error "Exceeded 1000 tries to insert ...".

I prefer to set radius and radius deviation at a fixed value, so that
I have control on the sieve curve.

Even if you insert 900 and not 1000, the sieve curve is still the one you prescribe.

In fact I want a sample of target size, eg. 10x10x10cm (after the
initial compaction phase) and with a given sieve curve.

To achieve that I am fixing the sieve cure by controlling radius, and
I am trying different xyz and different number of particles, until I
get what I wanted. Can this be done in some better way?
Yes definitely. Define sieve curve with rad and deviation, define the number of particles, define final size of the box, generate a cloud with those parameters and grow particles. There is no need for trial and error here. If the only problem is you don't get the expected number at the end, increase initial porosity (I'll modify the default value of porosity because it is too small by default...). I have a few ideas to improve initial random generation and achieve smaller initial porosities, but its not high in my priorities : increasing initial porosity is harmless and is compensated in a few steps if you set a high initial growth coefficient.


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