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Re: Visualisation problem: particles "drifting off" while maintaining container volume


> try to use glyphes, as here described
> https://www.yade-dem.org/sphinx/user.html?highlight=glyph#loading-data-into-paraview

Anton, I don't think that would help. The squares are rendered at the
center of spheres; so if they are out of the extruder themselves, so
will be the glyphs. 

Ken, I added the 'ascii' option to VTKRecorder in the last commit, so
you can check "manually" whether the positions match. I tried something
like this (past to the yade command-line)

TriaxialTest().load(); O.run(200,True); VTKRecorder(fileName='aaa-',ascii=True)()

which creates file with name aaa-spheres.200.vtu and in there you can
check the coordinates (the position array has no name, it appears under
<Points><DataArray type="float32" Name="Array 0x25a0980"...>. The first
sphere is body #6, so the first 3 numbers in the file should  match

You can try the same with your data, although any discrepancy would
surprise me, since VTKRecorder directly uses positions in Body::state.

Let us know what you find.

Cheers, v.

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