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Re: Zim 0.26 released !


Rui Nibau wrote:
Hi all.

Nice release Jaap.

I didn't test all the features yet, but i'm using Zim on a everyday
basis and the common functionalities worked just well.

Good :)

Except sometimes a silly behaviour with the 'verbatim' format : it's
hard to come back to default (line is always indented). I'll try to make
a detailed test case for this.

Not sure what you mean here, can you explain? The indent of verbatim paragraphs was reduced when I updated the display style, so maybe it looks less indented now ? But also the wiki syntax for this changed and is no longer using indenting - do you see an issue there ?

* Added support for reading gjots2(1) files; added
      application/x-gjots mimetype

BTW, i didn't find the way to read gjots files. How do you do that ?

Just opening a ".gjots" file with zim should open it as a read-only notebook in zim. Still experimenting with this, included it because I needed some other patches from te same source tree. So please give me feedback if you actually use this.


Jaap <pardus@xxxxxxxx>

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