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Re: Zim 0.26 released !


Hi all.

Le lundi 01 septembre 2008 à 23:09 +0200, Jaap Karssenberg a écrit :

> Verbatim is a style just like bold or italic, so you can toggle
> <Ctrl>T to turn it off while typing. The odd thing is that if you are
> on a new line after a verbatim paragraph and toggle <Ctrl>T **the
> indent does not go away until you start typing**. You can look at the
> statusbar to get feedback whether you are in Verbatim or in normal
> style mode.

That's exactly what happened. Thanks for the tip.

> Just opening a ".gjots" file with zim should open it as a read-only 
> notebook in zim. Still experimenting with this, included it because I 
> needed some other patches from te same source tree. So please give me 
> feedback if you actually use this.

Yes, that's what i tried, but it always failed.

(1) Created a gjots test file (test.gjots) with gjots2 2.3.7 :

	Test de fichier gjots

The type MIME of the file is good (application/x-gjots).

(2) Ran zim with the command line :

	zim -D test.gjots

I also tried :

	zim -p reader -D test.gjots

Here's what i've got (first command line):

    ## FS read: /home/[login]/.config/zim/notebooks.list
    ## Got notebook: test.gjots
    # No daemon listening .. let's start one
    # locale: fr_FR.UTF-8
    # Loading translation from: /usr/local/bin/../share/zim/lingua/fr.pl
    # This is zim 0.26
    # Gtk2 version is 1.161
    #   compiled against gtk+ 2.12.0
    #   linked   against gtk+ 2.12.9
    # Notebook path = test.gjots
    #          page = 
    ## FS read: /home/rnb/.config/zim/notebooks.list
    ## Daemon: Forked client with PID 6705
    ## Daemon: Listening at PID 6703
    zim: Carnet inconnu : test.gjots (NdT. Unknown Notebook)
    ## Daemon: Client with PID 6705 exited
    ## Daemon: Last client exited
    ## Daemon: Exiting

(3) So, I created a virtual entry in the notebooks.list file :

	Gjots	~/test.gjots

(4) Ran zim with the command line

	zim -D Gjots

But it still doesn't work.

BTW, it's not a critical point. As an old outliner user, i have a lot of
datas in a lot of different file formats. That's why i'm writing an
outliner converter since a couple of months (well, when i have time),
above all to recover datas saved with Keynote, an old Windows app. So i
worked on a Keynote -> gjots, a Keynote -> Zim and a gjots <-> zim
converters, all in php. Time to finish the work and, maybe, rewrite the
last converter in perl to make it a zim plugin, starting with what you
have done in lib/Zim/Store/Gjots.pm.


Rui Nibau <ruinibau@xxxxxxxx>

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