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Re: Document folder and document root - difference


> Yes, thank you for stating the obvious.

I did not mean to offend.

> I considered that, and I did not
> want to say it is impossible, but I feel it will be too messy.

Because two different types of files would share the same extension?
Then maybe those notebook.zim files should be condensed into
~/.zimconf or even better yet, an sqlite database. The user's data is
not stored in them, so there is no reason for the users to go poking
in those files. There is nothing that they could learn or change in
those files. Another advantage of storing that data in an sqlite
database would be that it could be extended for other information,
such as a search index. This would be a welcome change, especially for
the implementation of search-across-notebooks.

> The  other reason is that "zim" is that application name, not the file
> format.

The file format is an incomplete implementation (ie, no tables
support) of a non-standard format (wiki format). It would be nice if
there were some wiki organization that directed the wiki
specification, but alas there is none. I do see your point, though,
and I know that one of the Zim design goals is to allow easy access to
the data across different applications. Maybe XML (or even HTML) would
have been a better choice than wiki format, as it is a standard,
however at this point I am not going to be the one to suggest a change
in format!

> If you want to discuss usability we need to separate those two
> concepts.

I don't really think so, but again I know your reasons for insisting
such. How about the notebook.zim files keep their name (or go into
~/.zimconfg or sqlite), and the page.txt files get the extension .wkz
for Zim-compatible Wiki format. This would be similar in convention to
the ODF format, with .odt for text and .ods for spreadsheets. I could
imagine a Wikipedia compatible Wiki page to have an extension .wkp and
a Foobar-compatible Wiki page to have the extension .wkf

Dotan Cohen