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Re: Document folder and document root - difference


Dotan Cohen wrote:
Thanks, Bill, I did not realize that there are real-world use case
scenarios where users manipulate the Zim data with their file manager.
If this is the case, then my position is wrong and the default
location should in fact remain non-hidden. In any case, users like
myself and my mother in law can still hide the directories if need be.

Ideally I would like the filemanager to start zim when your mother in law goes to the notbook directory and clicks a textfile. I hoped to be able to use the "Content-Type: text/x-zim-wiki" header for mimetyping these files as zim content, but unfortunately most filemanagers do not seem to use magic mimetyping and only look at the file extension. This would be an argument to give zim notes a special extension. Any suggestions ?



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