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Re: Announcing an installer for Zim on Windows


Hi Brendan,

Great work, thanks a lot!

By accident I talked a colleague through installing on a windows system without admin rights. So I fully feel the pain of installing manually :S

I'll give it a test drive tomorrow.

Brendan Kidwell wrote:
The launcher assumes that %USERPROFILE%/My Documents and %USERPROFILE%/..config are creatable/writable. The app will probably fail if this is not true.

Since zim uses the XDG standard for locating user folders you can change the default behavior by setting the proper environment variables. You can set XDG_DATA_HOME, XDG_CONFIG_HOME and XDG_CACHE_HOME to various locations or you can set HOME and use the defaults (HOME/.local HOME/.config and HOME/.cache).

If you install on an usb stick what you probably want to do is to add a .bat file that sets HOME to point to a folder on that stick. That way your config file, notebook list etc. go at the stick as well.



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