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Re: Announcing an installer for Zim on Windows


Hi Brendan,

I tested successfully today on a XP system without administrator rights. Pleasantly surprised it uses gtk 2.12 - my old install was still on 2.4, so things look much more polished now :)

Only thing I ran into is that I had to disable the PERL5LIB environment variable I had set for another perl install. Maybe it is good to unset that one by default in the script. I think this can be done safely since the install is self-contained anyway.

Btw. I plan to release 0.28 tonight (UTC+1) - can you give me an indication of the effort involved to update the installer to a new version. Is it as simple as running the build script or do you need to do a lot of bootstrapping ?

Anyway, I think there will be a lot of thankful users for this installer.