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Re: Is there an easy way to insert tables into zim?


2009/4/15 Svenn Are Bjerkem <svenn.bjerkem@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Yup, that's probably the way to go, but since I do not like LaTex
> syntax, I will probably make a script to generate the LaTex code from
> a plain text file. But that is no problem since the plugin can do the
> conversion before launching LaTex.

Remembered suddenly that graphviz in newer versions support nodes with
HTML tables inside them. Creating a table png is then just a matter of
creating a graph with one node and, voila, a table is born. It is then
even possible to add more nodes to the graph and have the edges
pointing into the appropriate cell. Exellent for adding comments about
the content of each cell as call-outs. Now, HTML is not less bloated
than LaTex, but it is then possible to use an already existing plugin.
Graphviz comes with all the necessary size and colour control so I'll
give that a chance.