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Re: 1:1 vs. piped links


> I think it should be a switch - a button on the toolbar that toggles the functionality on and off like the "read-only" toggle.   There should be a keystroke for it, too, of course.

This ssounds like the best solution. I personally would prefer that
there be no label for links: URLs are typed as they are, and Zim would
autmatically make them clickable links. But I understand that not
everyone would prefer that.

> I'm finding that I'm spending a lot of time going back and removing GUI-generated links (in Zim) - more time doing that, in fact, than I would "manually" entering links to begin with.

I agree, it is a terrible time waster.

> What I would like to have (to do, perhaps) with the Zim GUI is what was suggested regarding a checkbox or radio button that will turn the auto-linking associated with CaML case on/off.

Are you referring to internal links, or external links? I would
personally prefer that there be no support for internal links, as I
use CaMeL case for code variables and I store code examples in Zim. I
do not use internal linking in Zim.

> I am working mostly with software development documentation and notes - /everything/ is CaML case - I don't mind having to hit ^L to make some text into a link.


Dotan Cohen


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