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Re: Online storage


El día Fri, 20 Nov 2009 19:01:29 -0600, George De Bruin <sndchaser@xxxxxxxxx>

> Personally, I prefer a solution that implements something like sshfs or
> rsync+ssh.  I've also considered the idea of using subversion or git over
> ssh...but I don't know that I have a space online that would allow me to set
> up the necessary version repositories.

	If you only have about ~1MB of data, you should try Conduit
(http://live.gnome.org/Conduit). If you are using Gnome, you could create a
"network place" using sftp and maintain a local folder synchronized with it.
I'm not using it because I have more things than Zim, and because the space in
my ssh-capable host is quite limited. But for little data, is a good way to
have automatic synchronization in a user friendly way.

	In fact, if you use a two-way synchronization, you can have a almost
perfect clone of Dropbox (to sync two or more computers) for free and using
your own server.

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