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Re: Online storage


On Sun, Nov 29, 2009 at 7:02 PM, Pedro <pedro100@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thank you Jaap. 5 seconds sounds to often indeed, considering i am willing
> to save stuff over HTTP.
> Option 1 is what I'm looking for. What would be the quickest/easiest  way
> to override those 5 seconds in a plugin's context?

I don't think you really want to override them. The longer the interval, the
bigger the risk of loosing data when either the program or the computer

Probably you want to do a two-step process. So save a local cache file every
5 seconds, and synchronize e.g. when the user navigates away from a page.
The GtkInterface has a "close-page" signal which a plugin can connect to to
know when the user navigates away.