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Pyzim beta2 release


Dear all,

I just put a new snapshot online, this one is labeled 0.42-beta2. Both
sources and ubuntu / debian package can be found here:

Changes since beta1:
* A Version Control plugin was added for Bazaar
* Rich copy-paste and drop now works properly in the editor
* Linking and opening shares now works on windows
* Added translation file for Czech

And of course quite a number of bug fixes that were reported on beta1.

I will focus on fixing the daemon and trayicon modules next. Will release a
beta3 when those are done. Please keep reporting bugs on these beta versions
and add translations if you have some time to spare.

Anyone interested in making pyzim work with other version control systems
like Subversion or Git please have a look at the
plugins/versioncontrol/bzr.py module and try mapping the same commands for
your version control system of choice.