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About dates in todos


I see that the way a date is attached to an item has changed. Now, I
generally do not use due dates, but instead use the date when the item
was created. When I open the task overview, all dates will be marked
in red, since they are in the past, and as due dates they should be
marked red. All this red color makes me nervous :-). Would it be
sensible to extend the [d: <date>] notation to have a few more
meanings of the date? I can come up with a few possible types of
dates: Entry date, start date, due date, done date. I usually only use
entry date and done date as the due dates are tedious to update as
projects shift (They always do). Since the Task list can sort on
dates, I will have complete overview of tasks not finished, and how
old they are. In the current implementation, I still do, but the red
color make me feel a bit late on everything :-)

If this is something that has a chance of being implemented I would
happily file a ticket.


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