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Re: About dates in todos


2010/1/21 Dotan Cohen <dotancohen@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I should just mention that if this is implemented, and I am not sure
> that it is worth the work that it would take, then the ability to hide
> columns should be made available. The user shouldn't be forced to see
> all the unwanted columns that he doesn't need. Now that it is only one
> or two unwanted columns, that is fine. But with potentially five
> unwanted columns, they should be hidable.

As a side effect of the @tag I get description lines in task list
that contain a lot of junk :-)

I forgot that items maked as done, does not show up in the task list
(in the current version), so a completed date will not be more useful
than my usual note done: <date> at the end of the item. For _my_
particular use of the [d:<date>] field, I could research into turning
off the red color in the config file and then things are back to
normal for _me_ and the way I use zim. But in the moment plugins start
to use dates for other purposes, I think classification of dates
should be reconsidered.