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Re: Zim Feedback and Suggestions


On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 4:58 PM, Gerhard Ecaroh Froehlich
<gerhard.froehlich@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >  2. ability to "source" in text like txt2tags can do - i do not
>> >    mean to import it but to represent it / let it appear like
>> > pictures
>> Can you give an example of a use case for this? Given your background
>> I assume you would use it to include shell script, code snippets,
>> logs etc. In that case you probably want to include them as a source
>> editor frame (possibly read-only). If this is the case please check
> What i am meaning was the possibility to refer to code (program text,
> css stylesheets, automaticaly written logfiles) that displays _actual
> recent data with changes_ without having to reload it manualy into the
> zim text file. And there is a) no need to edit them and b) maybe this
> would be a serios problem. So, all i prefer is that it will be
> displayed, parsed, converted, exported and appears in a printings.

I think this would technically be called "transclusion" (see relevant
wikipedia article etc.) I added my notes on how that could be
implemented to the HACKING notebook.

Not (yet) added to my work list though.