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Re: zim for maemo (N800-N810-N900 Nokia devices)


On 16 March 2010 20:57, Miguel Angel Alvarez <maacruz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Maybe you could publish a bazaar branch somewhere. You can either just
>> share it on you website, or push it to launchpad. That way I can
>> easily checkout the changes and merge them back into trunk when
>> appropriate. Also this should allow you to keep track and merge
>> upstream changes relatively painlessly.
> The maemo garage page only provides svn or git, and I had already chosen svn.
> I have never used launchpad, so I would need some guidance there. Otherwise,
> I only could keep a local branch in my computer.

Launchpad can import from an svn repository into a bazaar branch and
automatically keep it up to date. You can then use svn for maemo
development, and request zim trunk merges from launchpad.

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