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zim on n900 using fossil for sync works nice - and some comments ...


First - my thanks to Jaap and the developers of zim and to Miguel for
the n900 port. Zim seems to be just the ticket for my needs. I love that
I can take notes on my n900 and then sync to my desktop and netbook.

I'm using zim on my n900 synced to two other computers using fossil
(www.fossil-scm.org) to do the sync/revision control. I've only been
using it for a couple days but no significant problems so far. I'll be
testing syncing to zim on windows over the weekend.

Does anyone else on the list use fossil and would integrating fossil as
a supported scm be used by anyone?

To sync on the n900 all I do is:

fossil update
fossil addremove
fossil ci -f -m "addremove and commit zim data"

The fossil autosync does the rest. Proper integration with zim would be
nice but so far isn't really necessary. 

What would be cool I think would be configurable sync script with
button. You enter the sync script name in the configuration panel and
then a button becomes available on the button bar which when pushed
saves any changes and then calls the sync script. Would that be
generally useful to others?

One minor issue I've noticed is that zim is very slow to notice that
files have changed underneath it. I've tried ^R to refresh on the n900
but it doesn't seem to see the changes until I've clicked on several

Lastly fossil has a built in wiki and ticket system. If zim supported
the fossil wiki format as an option then zim pages would both be
controlled by and browsable from fossil via the ui and web serving.



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