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Re: Evernote/Footnote-like UI change?


Thanks for all the feedback!

If I may summarize:

> So my questions are:
> * How many levels of sub-headings do you typically use ?
Most common answer was 3, some people use less, almost nobody uses more

> * How many levels of sub-pages do you typically use ?
Answers ranged from a few to many, in general sub-pages nesting went a
few levels deeper than sub-headings

> * On what level would you want to split it up for export ?
Answers were either not or top level
+ request to support only single sub tree as single document

> * Do you have a strong use-case for having both sub-pages and headings ?
Didn;t really get use cases, but in general people like to have both
for organizing content

For me most interesting result is that sub-levels of pages is used
more extensively than sub-levels of headings. I might go ahead and
adapt the default style for headings a bit, making visual difference
for 1st 3 levels clearer.

Second conclusion is that there is always need for both ways of
organization, with pages for in depth structure, and headings for
smaller structure within a note.