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Re: Proof of Concept markdown export for zim


On Saturday, February 11, 2012 3:04:46 AM UTC+7, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
> Maybe you could make them definition lists; the definition term could
>> be [ ], [*], or [x].
> In that case it would probably be better to create a bullet with a 
> checkbox behind it, like:
> * [ ] OK
> * [x] NOK
> That way it will at least flow as intended with other list items. Could 
> use images for the checkboxes, but afraid that will make the markdown very 
> convoluted.

Great to see progress on this, I'm afraid I've been caught up in a "shaving 
the yak" recursion, got Python installed but still setting up my pandoc 
environment - stuck on figuring out "make".

Yes, I'd say if images were wanted, leave that for a supplementary script 
for the from-markdown conversion in conjunction with Pandoc; shouldn't be a 
problem as long as your resulting markdown weren't a naturally occuring 

Actually since everything is unicode-aware these days I have to believe 
there are suitable glyphs that can just be passed through as straight 
characters? I mean if this pile of cr^p<http://www.jwz.org/blog/2012/02/unicode-character-pile-of-poo-u1f4a9/>made it in!

OK, google says:

U+2610 = ☐
U+2611 = ☑
U+2612 = ☒

Regarding the file paths issue, just thinking aloud, if we have to go one 
way or the other my vote is to relative link to the same directory as the 
.PMD source file, and have your export routine copy the image files. 

However the ideal IMO would be to make this a configurable choice, ideally 
very flexible of course, but if not to start with, at least a choice 
between the above and a {docroot}/images folder.

Is there a location we can pull your changes as you make them for testing 

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