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Re: Table of contents and view completed tasks


On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 06:03, Burkhard Ritter <burkhard@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> First off let me say that I am super enthusiastic about the table of
> contents plugin. I tend to have very long pages (I keep "logbooks" for
> various things) and use it all the time. You kind of can view the
> index and toc at the same time if you use it as a floating widget
> instead of in the side pane. That's a plugin configuration option. But
> I agree that the toc plugin possibly could be improved and would be
> interested to learn what others think about it.
> At first I thought having the toc embedded in the index tree
> (underneath the node for the current page) would be best. I used the
> floating widget mode for a while, but then the toc widget hides some
> content of the page and also for very long pages the widget is not
> large enough, so one has to scroll to see the complete table of
> contents. I believe it would be best if you could see the index, table
> of contents and the content page at the same time. So maybe having the
> index on top in the side pane and the toc below would be an option;
> however, then again for long pages scrolling would be necessary. Which
> brings me back to my first idea: In the index tree by clicking on the
> page the table of contents would expand as a subtree. I hope all of
> this makes sense and sorry for rambling.
> I believe the toc plugin should be a part of zim core or at least
> enabled by default.
> I filed a bug report for switching between index, toc and the main
> content page with a hotkey.

You might want to try the modified Table of Contents plugin which can
be docked as a pane:

I am using it and though it has a few bugs, the superior location
makes it much more usable.

Dotan Cohen