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Re: Some quick questions


On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 12:09 AM, JP Vossen <jp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> After that Spell Checking Just Worked.  But it takes several seconds to
> start Zim, while as I recall (portable) zim.exe started in <1 second. And I
> see more Python stuff using up much more RAM in the task list doing it this
> way.

You could try the "-OO" commandline switch, I now the compiler uses
this optimization when building the .exe .

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>> You can configure an key binding if you use them often.
> How?  I know how to do that on Gnome/Ubuntu, but not Windows.

Same as on other platforms, you enable the Gtk feature in the gtkrc
file and then you can type new bindings in the menus. Or you can
directly got to the "accelmap" config file in zim's config folder.

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> So back to tags, since I'm jumping around in the "today" block of a larger
> single page, I'm not sure tags help much.

Maybe the tasklist plugin is of help to you, than you can filter the
tasks by tag, label, etc.

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> Oh, one more, is there a way to turn off word-wrap other than using
> verbatim?  I have some long lines and often I'd rather they not wrap. It
> would have to be easy to toggle though, toolbar button and/or key binding...

Not at the moment. Since it is part of formatting style, toggling is
slightly more work to implement than I would like.