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Re: Bounty for folding


On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 10:19 AM, J.A. de Vries <hdv.jadev@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 2012-11-15 09:43, jayseye wrote:
> > I could draft a proposal, to be consistent with Jaap's framework for
> > bounties. If that would be acceptable, then I have two questions:

I set up a page on our development page here:

I put down the objective and initial notes on implementation. HdV if you
can check if you are happy with the definition I put down (and if not
please modify accordingly) than I can discuss implementation details with
Marc Paul.

For implementation discussion let's go to personal mail and document on the
development wiki, no need to spam the mailing list.

> > First, lists would be a clear choice for folding, as they can be
> > nested to any depth. Headings were also mentioned in your original
> > query:
> Ah, indeed. Almost forgot about that.
> >>  I'd really like to see the addition of a plugin that would
> >> enable folding for lists and headings (both would be very welcome).
> >
> > To clarify then, based on your latest reply: Would folding of Headings
> > be an additional feature request, with a separate bounty?
> I myself don't need folding based on headings at the moment, but yes I
> would be willing to support a separate bounty for that. I can imagine
> that other people could use such an additional feature very well.

I would also very much like them. I'll put an additional 50,- on the bounty
from Zim donations fund if this can be covered. ( Won't add much additional
work, but the main thing is that folding headings can not follow
indentation, so bit more logic is needed to determine what text to fold. )

> > Second question, for both you and Jaap: Would it be feasible to set
> > milestones for implementing folding, starting with a working model?
> > This could help ensure that we're "on the same page" as work
> > progresses.
> Communicating often and making small steps is what in my experience
> always led to the best results in projects. Depending on what Jaap
> prefers I think that would be a good approach. I on my part will strive
> to make the time to answer any questions without making you wait too long.

On the wiki page I put a section "timeline" with suggestion for milestones,
open for discussion.

> > Specifically, Zim already has a built-in secondary view, which might
> > be useful as a testbed: From the File menu, "Open in New Window"
> > displays a work-in-progress toward multiple views. (It's read-only for
> > now, though fixing that is mentioned in the docs.)
> >
> > That New Window might be a safe place to develop folding, while
> > preserving the current main window. Once folding works as agreed in
> > this testbed view, it would be straightforward to merge it into the
> > right-hand pane of the main window.
> Sounds like a proper safe approach to do this. Let's see what Jaap
> thinks (as I don't know the code very well).

Probably that would actually complicate things since both windows derive
from the same class. Since you would be developing in a separate code
branch anyway there is no need to separate. Once it is functional I merge
it in the main code and it will be enabled for all windows.

@Jaap: are there "groudrules" for doing bounties? Or do you want me to
> arrange something with Marc Paul directly?

The rules I came up with when I started with bounties are here:

In general I think for your part of the bounty you should decide whether
you are happy or not. Main thing for me is to have design, progress & code
in the open so it is transparent what is done.



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