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Re: Bounty for folding


Thanks for the reply,  J.A. -

I could draft a proposal, to be consistent with Jaap's framework for
bounties. If that would be acceptable, then I have two questions:

First, lists would be a clear choice for folding, as they can be
nested to any depth. Headings were also mentioned in your original

>  I'd really like to see the addition of a plugin that would
> enable folding for lists and headings (both would be very welcome).

To clarify then, based on your latest reply: Would folding of Headings
be an additional feature request, with a separate bounty?

Second question, for both you and Jaap: Would it be feasible to set
milestones for implementing folding, starting with a working model?
This could help ensure that we're "on the same page" as work

Specifically, Zim already has a built-in secondary view, which might
be useful as a testbed: From the File menu, "Open in New Window"
displays a work-in-progress toward multiple views. (It's read-only for
now, though fixing that is mentioned in the docs.)

That New Window might be a safe place to develop folding, while
preserving the current main window. Once folding works as agreed in
this testbed view, it would be straightforward to merge it into the
right-hand pane of the main window.

Looking forward to your replies, and hope to submit a proposal soon.
Marc Paul Rubin

On 11/14/12, J.A. de Vries <hdv.jadev@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 2012-11-14 11:02, jayseye wrote:
>> In-reply-to:
>> <CA+TmwMFGkTmJyB2Y2-hog_NmMtCs6z5ACipZRR1D6rc2EP2e8Q@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Hello Jaap, and J.A. de Vries -
>> I'd like to follow up on adding folding to Zim. Have yet to find this
>> listed on the Wiki, as mentioned below.
>> Has there been any progress, and/or is there still interest in this
>> feature?
>> Thanks!
>> Marc Paul Rubin
>> (jayseye)
> Hi Marc Paul,
> I am sorry, that's my fault. I promised to add some text to the wiki
> describing what I had in mind, but I never found the time to do it. My
> company has the good fortune to have more work than we can handle. We
> are trying to find good personnel to expand our workforce, but we always
> seem to have a gap between what we and our customers want and the
> manhours available. Not that I am complaining in these difficult times
> (economy-wise) ...
> The bounty still stands!
> What I have in mind isn't too difficult (based on my own professional
> programming experience, which I admit is about 5 years old now).
> What I'd like to have is a feature that makes it possible to fold lists
> based on indenting. Those could be bulleted, numbered, checkbox or just
> bare lists. Something I don't need, but might be of use to others (and
> which I would also be willing to sponsor) is folding based on other
> properties of the contents of a page. The action of folding should
> preferably be initiated through both clicking on some visual symbol, and
> through some keyboard shortcut.
> I don't know if you have every used vim, but I really like vim-outliner.
> Maybe you could take a peak at that to get inspiration.
> Please don't hesitate to ask if you need more information.
> P.S. Jaap, I use zim a lot and am willing to sponsor its development to
> show my appreciation. I just don't have too much time to write bounty
> requests to add to the wiki. That's not because I am unwilling, but due
> to a shipload of other things with a higher priority on my plate. So if
> there are things I can do, please let me know through PM or this list.

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