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Zim 0.58 Released


Dear all,

I just uploaded zim 0.58 to the website. This release is first of all
a bug fix release, with a critical fix for a bug preventing zim to
start after a crash. Other important fixes included are that exporting
latex equations and interwiki links work again. New features include a
new plugin for a "distraction free" full screen mode and more options
to configure the tasklist plugin.



Full Changelog:

=== 0.58 - Sat 15 Dec 2012 ===
* Added new plugin for distraction free fullscreen mode
* Added options to limit tasklist plugin to certain namespaces -
Pierre-Antoine Champin
* Added option to tasklist plugin to flag non-actionable tasks by a special tag
* Added prompt for filename for Insert New File action
* Added template option to list attachments in export
* Added class attributes to links in HTML output
* Added two more commandline options to quicknote plugin
* Made sidepanes more compact by embedding close buttons in widgets
* Critical fix for restarting zim after a crash (cleaning up socket)
* Bug fix for search queries with quoted arguments
* Bug fix for use of tags in the tasklist plugin
* Bug fix for wiki format to be more robust for bad links
* Bug fix for latex format to not use file URIs in \includegraphics{}
* Bug fix for including latex equations in latex export
* Bug fix list behavior checkboxes and numbered lists
* Fix first day of week locale for calendar plugin - based on patch by
Leopold Schabel
* Fix for handling "file:/" and "file://" URIs in links - see manual for details
* Fix for windows to not open consoles for each external application - klo uo
* Fix for windows to put config files under %APPDATA% - klo uo
* Fix to have "update heading" toggle in rename dialog more
intelligent - Virgil Dupras
* Fix to make template errors report relevant error dialogs
* Fix for search and replace whitespace in pageview
* Various small fixes

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