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Re: What do you use to sync Wiki's across machines?


On Wed, 2013-01-23 at 16:02 +0000, Mark Hughes (Zim mailing list) wrote:

> What methods do any of you use to sync Zim Wiki's?
SparkleShare and ownCloud tested.

SparkleShare works nicely with zim and shared notebooks between Linux
and Windows on own server. Uses git as background so it is quite a bit
of overhead data as zim is autosaving very often. SparkleShare checks in
any saved changes so there is a git commit for every autosave in zim. I
have 25% overhead in the checked out repositories.

ownCloud also shares between Linux and Windows, but gave me too many
conflict files for me to be happy. This may be a result of zim
autosaving too often.

Next up in the try-pipe is seafile, another open alternative. Claims to
be better than SparkleShare as it uses git algorithm, but not git
itself. Has client for Windows and Linux, but so far I am pulling source
and compiling so I have no experience yet.

I have been using DropBox for my least sensitive notebooks, and so far
DropBox has the best offered performance.