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Exporting or sharing a Section of Main Notebook



I have a question about exporting or sharing a section of a notebook. A similar question was posted earlier ((https://lists.launchpad.net/zim-wiki/msg02194.html), with the suggestion to copy the sub-notebook to a new folder and create a notebook from that (I can't respond to that message as I wasn't subscribed yet).

Let's say I have a notebook in folder 'Documents', which includes a section (a note with sub-notes) about a course I am doing (to keep the same example as the above mentioned email). So, I could copy the 'Coursework' folder and all its content to a new folder and turn that into a Zim notebook.

Another option I tried, is to simply create a new notebook from the original folder 'Coursework'. In other words, I am creating a Zim notebook within a Zim notebook. Now I can share the Zim notebook with my colleagues (I am syncing and sharing it using Ubuntu One). The big advantage is that any changes are made (obviously) in both notebooks.

It seems to work fine, but to be sure, could this potentially cause problems with either two notebooks?



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