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Zim-clip 0.5.2 and logging infos


Hi all.

Since addon-sdk 1.14, the one i use to build zim-clip 0.5.2, console
logs aren't displayed in Firefox console error anymore. So it's a bit
difficult to understands what's going on when a bug appears.

Anyway, there is a (not documented) new feature that can resolve the
problem. If you're running into strange behaviors with zim-clip, you can
show log messages into the Firefox error console :

* open about:config
* Search for the preference « extensions.sdk.console.logLevel »
* If you find the preference :
    * Set its value (right-click -> modify) to « all ».
* If you don't find the preference, you have to create it :
    * right-click on the page -> new -> string.
    * Enter its name : « extensions.sdk.console.logLevel »
    * Enter its value : « all »


The type of messages will not be relevant as i wrote all traces with
'log' in 0.5.2, as 'debug' wasn't working even in development mode - i
understand why know :-).

Based on feedbacks, I will publish a 0.5.3 version with more explicit logs.

Addon is currently waiting for preliminary review on Amo
(https://addons.mozilla.org/) - in position 68 so it could take a couple
of days (first code validation has passed without errors). When it will
be available, updates will be a lot easier :-).


Rui Nibau
email: rui.nibau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
im: rui.nibau@xxxxxxxxx
site: http://omacronides.com