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Re: new styles and index pain


On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 12:46 PM,  <walkowski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> The use case is the writing of academic texts and more precisly the support of the writing workflow. So it would be styles which doesn't relate to layout but which carry workflow related semantics, example: instructions for further work like "missing literature", "go deeper into explanation". It's a little bit like the tasks "FIXME"... but while working with text it would be nice if these things are not only reflected by Kexwords which get visually lost but also visually. Other thinks are annotations and the summary of a page, which hast to be inline in Zim as there is no extra textfield for such things apart from the wikipage but because of this has to be seperated visually from text. I thin while typing the main categorial differance why I would like to use such styles is to make a visual differance between text and metatext. Of cause an even more attractive solution would be to work on different text files where one is the main text and one to many are metatext but I am sure that's a lot harder to implement.
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For the workflow you may want to look at the tasklist plugin. You can
track FIXME / TODO items (if they appear on a separate line) and find
back all open items in the text from the dialog. Should work fine in
combination with highlighting the text.

For meta text have a look at this feature request:
https://bugs.launchpad.net/zim/+bug/1108760 it has a proof-of-concept
plugin attached that might be close to what you want for annotations
and summaries.

Current work ongoing will allow to improve that proof-of-concept and
make the side pane support formatting, links etc. as well.