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Ecodiv-responsive theme update


Just want to share an update of the ecodiv-responsive export theme (https://github.com/ecodiv/Ecodiv-responsive). I added the (default) option to export the pages with a header image. For an example, see http://notebook.ecodiv.org/. Idea was to make it look a little bit more like my blog page (http://pvanb.wordpress.com/). If you don't like it, you can easily change the default header image or remove the option altogether in the template. Furthermore some small cosmetic changes and a bug fix (if menu was longer than height of screen, part of the menu was not accessible anymore... now you'll get a scrollbar so you can scroll to the end of the  menu).

Not done yet, but on the to-do list is for on the mobile (small screens) to have on the pages open with the menu closed. Should be simple, but haven't figures out how yet. A second thing I would like is to have code blocks exported as html with syntax highlighting. No clue how yet though.. ideas are welcome.

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