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Re: Feature suggestion



I haven't really used Zim in a while so this might already be implemented, but one feature I'd like to see and that somewhat relates to this (if I understood Marios example correctly): templates. 

What I mean is both single page templates with set headings, etc. But also multipage templates for similar things. 

I've mostly used Zim to organize my contacts (one contact in each page, with structured content) and events that require similar collections of lists (todos for planning, during the event and after, what people should be contacted/invited and their response, budget, etc)

If there was a simple way, inside Zim, to create new pages or groups of pages based on templates I think it would be great. 

(Not a big issue, previously I've just copied and renamed files/directories in the shell - sometimes a bit lazy when cleaning out the old data leaving me with some garbage.)


Jaap Karssenberg <jaap.karssenberg@xxxxxxxxx> skrev: (16 juni 2015 17:10:46 CEST)
>Hi Mario,
>What I would suggest for these use cases is to use sub-pages. This
>makes it
>easy to group a bunch of notes on the same issue or topic. You can go
>them e.g. navigating with <Ctrl>PgUp and <Ctrl>PgDown.
>I have some ideas on how to make it more visually attractive in the
>to show sub-pages related to a main page. But that is a long term idea,
>something I work on right now.
>As the other commenters have already pointed out, we want to keep
>simple, so will not add "another dimension" to the notebook. So I would
>start using the exisitng tree structure.
>Regards and thanks for your input,
>On Sat, Jun 13, 2015 at 10:54 PM, Mario Daniel Carugno
>> Hi Jaap
>> I think it could be used to organize work.
>> For example, I could have a page for working on an issue.
>> In one tab I would have the description / functional doc
>> Another tab with a task list
>> Another for testing steps
>> Or maybe I could layout as one tab per development stage
>> I don't know... it could be useful I think
>> Mario
>> 2015-06-13 9:53 GMT-03:00 Jaap Karssenberg
>>> Hi Mario,
>>> Sorry for the long timeout. Can you explain a little bit more what
>>> be the use case for such a tabbed interface?
>>> Regards,
>>> Jaap
>>> On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 9:06 PM, Mario Daniel Carugno
>>> > wrote:
>>>> Hi guys
>>>> I'm a zim user and joined the list because I think zim is one of
>>>> best practical tools.
>>>> Sometimes I feel that a good feature would be that each page could
>>>> 'tabs'.
>>>> Maybe a page would need composed by several pages but spreading
>them in
>>>> a horizontal rather than vertical layout.
>>>> What do you think ?
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