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Re: Delete Namespace


Reading over the comments here my proposal would be as follows:

On archive the page (+ subpages + attachments) is renamed to
The "_n" is only used in case this page already exists (because you
archived the same page twice on the same day ?).

The date is added to the actual page you archived. Sub-pages remain
unaltered. Parents are by definition namespaces with pages but no content
of their own.This means that the trunk of the archive reflects the notebook
structure while actual archived pages form timestamped branches.

Only conflict I see is when you have pages in your regular notebook that
already end in "yyyymmdd". E.g. archiving a sub-page below a parent with
such a name will confuse the archive structure. Question is how to address
that concern.

One option would be to make the archive timestamp more distinct, e.g.
prefixing it with a capital "A". The issue thus remains but becomes more

Alternative would be to also create a meta-data file that identifies a page
as being an archived page and contain the original file name + archive
date. That would make it fully robust, but at the cost of more complexity
in the file structure. (Btw. this is the way the trash can works on linux
systems, so it is a proven concept)

My preference is to not go in the direction of more meta-data for the
archive, and rely on convention only. But maybe it is wise to use the
special prefix. This make a convention that a file ending in "_Ayyyymmdd"
(literal "A", y, m & d to be replaced by date) is interpreted as an
archived file.

Anything I overlook ?



On Tue, Sep 15, 2015 at 8:36 AM, Vlastimil Ott <linux@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dne 14.9.2015 v 13:04 Rolf Kleef napsal(a):
>> first time: create Archive:Foo
>> second time: create Archive:Foo:2015, perhaps move the first version to
>> Archive:Foo:2014
>> Although it starts to feel like a versioning plugin...
> We're discussing here a nonstandard situation - how many times you
> recreate a re-archive a page? The versioning principle is a fallback.
> Usually you have Page A, Page B, Page A:Subpage A etc. There are no
> conflicts when moving them around, they have unique names.
> Archiving is moving. In case there's an existing page in target namespace
> you are prompted what to do. Archiving function will decide for you - it'll
> create a time namespace. Renaming the page would break up the links.
> My page is a client project. Subpages, folders, files (documents, images).
> When I close the project, I archive it. Later if there's another business
> with the same client, I create a page with the same [client] name. When
> archiving it, I don't want it to mix up with previous archived page with
> the same name. So the time name space is the solution. We don't change
> content, we create metadata. And I can see my work for the client in a
> chronological view.
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