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Re: Ignore attached subtree to not contain zim pages, how?


    Hi Andreas,
I think this feature may be useful. But, IMHO, it's not very convenient to add '.zimignore' file to each directory you want to ignore. Also there will be confusion if you create a new subpage with the same name as the directory (the subpage will try to use it for subsubpages). I think it may be easier to create a directory with a special name which will be ignored by zim and put attachments there. For example, as I know zim currently ignores directories which starts with '.' or '_' (they are considered as hidden) and doesn't allow to create such pages. If there is no special meaning in ignoring them it may be possible to use a directory with a name like '_attachments' or '.attachments' as a storage for files/dirs to be ignored.

Regards, Pl

On 11.12.2015 10:59, Wehler Andreas wrote:

What about attaching a subtree within a zim book which is ignored by
zim, say, not handled as pages?

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