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Re: Tasklist update


Hi Thiago,

with regards to the multiple selection of tags:

I had the intention that the selected tags operate logical AND. I reviewed this with my notebook and
only tasks with all selected tags found are shown, as expected.

Could you describe the steps you do to get the (unwanted) result?

With regards to your request to select tasks without labels, I'm not quite sure where you want to select labels.
Could you give more details and an example please?

Thank you and Regards,

On 27.03.2017 00:24, Thiago Costa de Paiva wrote:
BTW, an option to select tasks without labels would be very nice also.

Sorry for the messages in sequence.


2017/03/26 23:46:18, Thiago Costa de Paiva:
Hi, Murat!

Thanks for the Tasklist plugin.

Just one idea that I don't know if it is useful for others: when I
select 2 or more tags in the related column of the Tasklist plugin
window, it shows all the tasks with at least one of those tags. However,
what would make more sense to me is to select tasks that have all of the
active tags.

What do you think about this?

Thank you again,


2017/03/24 17:21:41, Murat Güven:
Dear all,

I've updated the tasklist plugin after your feedback as well as did some
enhancements and bug fixing.


I added a "tick / untick all tasks" function. Together with the filtering
function this gives you a conveniant
method to tick / untick a list of tasks with specific tags / key words.

The Tag Autocompletion plugin deletes pre-selected text before adding a tag. It
is recognized if the selected text is itself a tag.
(Usually double clicking a tag selects the text without the @ char)

Thank you for Mario Bezzi, Famille Meunier and Dimitrij Lisov for their

[Change Log]

   • V1.97 Tasklist: re-arranged elements within the dialog to fit for low
     resolution screens
   • V1.96 Tasklist: fixed index issue when tasklist was activated before
     updating the plugin by increasing SQL_FORMAT_VERSION to 0.61
   • V1.95 Taskcomment: code cleaning and fix for comment in strong / emphasis
   • V1.94 Tasklist: label comments are also collected
   • V1.93 Autocompletion: If text is selected after activation of AC, the
     selected text is replaced. If selected text was itself a tag and the @ sign
     wasn't selected with, it remains after inserting the new selected tag
   • V1.92 Ticking issue while column resizing solved, Pane positions are saved
   • V1.91 Filtering works now with comments as well
   • V1.9 Added "tick / untick all tasks". Reworked tags list: Added tags from
     ticked tasks to tag list
   • V1.84 Fixed [no date] entry for children

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