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Re: Footnotes - any workarounds? future possibility?


​Tim thank you for prompt and focused response.

I VERY much agree about in-page linking - sections with anchors.
There's a place for lots of small pages, and categories/ tags help to group
them. But there's also a place for longer pieces that gather together a
summary with links both to the shprter detailed items, and cross linking
Some systems do it based on headings but I'd rather have a distinct markup

Thank you for your kind suggestion on footnote workaround. It would create
a big compatibility labout as all my work has to be Harvard style (small
numbers, all stuff below), not the Chicago style you describe. Conversion
would be anightmare and huge waste of time, sadly. Also many of my
footnotes are more than refs, can be quite detailed background, or offshoot
data the general reader/ student would not want. (I plan to distribute my

If someone interested picks up on this could Footnotes just place a number,
and link that to text at bottom.
Click number to go to footnote - click footnote number to return to main
text point - so this is very much the section anchors as above.
A luxury would be hover the number, popup the first 30-50 words of footnote.

Shan Morgain, current PhD (Mabinogi)

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