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Re: Footnotes - any workarounds? future possibility?


Hi Shan and Thiago,

in-page linking is really the one thing I miss, whether it is to link to
footnotes, headings within the same page, headings to another page, or a
link to images or tables. So I would very much like to see this feature as

Otherwise I absolutely love Zim, especially because of its simplicity. I
even came to appreciate that there is no spellcheck that underlines
mispelled words: this allows to stay focused while writing drafts and the
polishing can be done afterwards (or in another program).


On 2 April 2018 at 20:01, Shan <shiroise@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> ​Tim thank you for prompt and focused response.
> I VERY much agree about in-page linking - sections with anchors.
> There's a place for lots of small pages, and categories/ tags help to
> group them. But there's also a place for longer pieces that gather together
> a summary with links both to the shprter detailed items, and cross linking
> sections.
> Some systems do it based on headings but I'd rather have a distinct markup
> code.
> Thank you for your kind suggestion on footnote workaround. It would create
> a big compatibility labout as all my work has to be Harvard style (small
> numbers, all stuff below), not the Chicago style you describe. Conversion
> would be anightmare and huge waste of time, sadly. Also many of my
> footnotes are more than refs, can be quite detailed background, or offshoot
> data the general reader/ student would not want. (I plan to distribute my
> Zim.)
> If someone interested picks up on this could Footnotes just place a
> number, and link that to text at bottom.
> Click number to go to footnote - click footnote number to return to main
> text point - so this is very much the section anchors as above.
> A luxury would be hover the number, popup the first 30-50 words of
> footnote.
> Shan Morgain, current PhD (Mabinogi)

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