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Re: Zim alternatives?



I previously used a homegrown app, OmniOutliner and VoodooPad. But I left
them and landed on Zim.

There is also Scribbleton. I checked it out awhile ago and it was really
light on features. There was a recent release, but I haven't checked that
one out yet.

There is Evernote, but around the time I was going to try it, users were
pissed at the freshly released Evernote 5 which made major changes to the
interface that they didn't ask for. Also, you have to use their cloud with
no other choice, right?

Speaking of which... Silvio, I'm curious why you want a specific cloud
server? Zim Wiki works through the file system which means you can use it
with Dropbox, Google, OneDrive, etc. Your choice. Great feature!

I have my own wishlist. The biggest item is a better GUI for Mac, but I
don't see how that's going to happen short of writing the app over again...