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Re: Searching on the server



So, y'all, I teach in the MSIT at Florida State University, and this semester is my Advanced Web Applications class.  Broadly, it ends up being a VERY language agnostic class because our student pool is varied in terms of skill (FSU is weird, our Computer Science dept is completely separate from our Information/IT School, and I'm in the latter).  I personally have a very wide-but-SHALLOW knowledge about languages and frameworks (right now we still default to PHP + a little mostly vanilla JS because that's what I know how to do, despite all the frameworky stuff out there)

Either way, though, I'd LOVE to point some of my students in the direction of some sort of web and/or mobile interface to Zim. It really does seem like it shouldn't be that hard especially if you consider the possibility of not really interacting with Zim-native's internal database, just do "the files" and perhaps spin up a separate one if needed. That, for me, has always been the beauty of Zim - the flat files. The db isn't "primary" and can be reloaded/destroyed whatever. I occasionally have cheated on Zim with org-mode. naughty-naughty, and that factor -- the ability to create multiple types of interfaces (orgzly, organice, etc etc) because of the simplicity of the filesystem.

Anyway, this is part cheerleading and part volunteer from someone who'd love to see more of this.


On 5/13/20 9:34 AM, Gergely K. wrote:
Slightly off but my advice is not to go with Django. It was a clever framework (does things ahead of time, like orm) and has some unique features, but it's components are not standard and it is a bit glued-together. Rather go with standard libraries (which you can use in any (non-web) projects)!

On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 3:00 PM Shivam Sharma <shivam.src@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:shivam.src@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Wow. That was quick. I will test your patch.

    And the idea for building a full-fledged web application around
    Zim is great. It should be started as a separate project, however.
    Zim community may not welcome the idea integrated into Zim since
    Zim has been very robust by being lean (and not being too many
    things at once).

    If you do start work on the project, I'd be willing to help. I
    have some experience with Flask but not much with Django.

    On Wed, 13 May 2020 at 16:26, Helder Guerreiro
    <helder@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:helder@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        On 08/05/20 16:13, Helder Guerreiro wrote:
        > Is it possible to add a search box to the internal Zim server?

        Since it seems there is no easy way to add search to the
        server I made
        the patch attached (against master). There's an example search
        box in
        the "Default_with_index" template.

        But this got me thinking, now I'm looking for other features,
        tag list,
        task list, maybe even marking tasks directly from the server
        or editing
        pages... This seems to be a little too much for this server.
        Using a
        framework, Django or whatever, would be easier. Maybe a separated
        project from Zim?

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